Building a small cabin

We are building a mini-cabin that will turn into a shed after the completion of the main cabin in a couple of years. This one has a footprint of 16’x20′. Just as I finished it, the rain started, so I had to cover it quick.



2 thoughts on “Building a small cabin”

  1. Two essential items: The Outhouse and The Sauna.
    In that order. An outhouse can be a small shed, with good ventlation. Also, a place to put some shovels and rakes and some lime and wood ash (which is occasionally put into the hole to control the decomposition). The Sauna (pronounced Sow-Na. Sow — female pig) is a place to clean-up and contemplate life persistent question. Our Sauna had a 30-50 gallon galvanized tank mounted on the wall. It had a copper pipe connected to the bottom that entered the bottom of the wood stove, looped around inside and exited on the inside-upper surface of the wood stove and returned back to the lower half of the galvanized tank. It would percolate. We used the hot water for laundry and washing dishes. Actually, it can be very efficient especially if the wood stove is lined with fire bricks. More to follow. Hey! Maybe later on I’ll talk about witching-a-well.

    1. We did acquire an used outhouse from a neighbor. That saved a bit of work for me.
      I may have to wait a couple of year for a sauna. I have so much more to build before that. Because this is located in Minnesota, a wood stove is a priority. The plan is to always have a pot of water on the stove.
      Thanks for your input.

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