Drain Problem Diagnostics finding the Details of the Problem

One of the first things a Drain King technician will determine is whether the problem is with the sewer or septic system. Then they will find the location of the trouble, whether inside or outside the building. The rest of the repair steps vary with each diagnosis but could include snaking, water jetting, thawing of pipes, inspecting and/or pumping the septic tank, televising and transmitting services, or below-ground line repair and excavation. At Drain King, we pride ourselves on our thorough and legitimate diagnostic reports. We won’t add unnecessary repairs or expenses to your report details. You can trust our technicians to guide you through the repair process with honesty and experience.

Quick Diagnosis

Our technicians can determine precisely where and why your pipes are leaking and present you with a detailed explanation of the expense and labor involved in fixing them. We can correctly install or service water heaters and softeners, helping you choose the appropriateĀ size and efficiency for your household needs. We can locate the cause of your sewer-line disruption and fix it quickly, without having to tear up your yard or street.

The biggest advantage to these thorough diagnostic tests and repair/installation details is that, with such comprehensive information, you can decide how you want to proceed with the repair process. We at Drain King want you to be so well-educated about your diagnosis that you can make pertinent decisions about resolving your issue. If you understand the what and the why, you can determine the how and the when.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Drain King, we take great pride in our reliable, courteous, and highly qualified technicians. We use state-of-the-art equipment to correctly diagnose and repair whatever problem plagues you. We can detect and pinpoint a water or sewer-line disruption at its exact location, and follow it up with an expert diagnostic solution, saving you considerable time, money, and frustration during the repair process.

Here at Drain King, we can help you with all of your septic and sewer-system needs in Minneapolis, St Paul and Bloomington, MN. Please contact us at 763-786-3000. We can answer questions you may have.

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