Lift Station Cleaning

Lift stations allow properties to be developed further away from the city’s main sewer line, but gives them the ability to connect to the existing sewer framework. A lift station is essentially an elevator for waste. Two components make up a lift station: the wet well and the pump system. After the sewage reaches a certain height in the well, a series of low-voltage floats triggers a pump, telling it when to turn on and when to stop pumping—once enough waste water has been diverted to the main sewer line.

A Quick Diagnosis

By regularly maintaining lift stations you can minimize costs and increase the life of your pumping station equipment. Given a lift stations function is to maintain clean water lines and prevent back flow of sewage it is vital that lift stations be properly installed, routinely tested and maintained and repaired at the first sign of an issue. At Drain King, our technicians are trained and licensed to install, repair and test commercial lift station equipment, give us a call today to learn more.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Problems with lift stations arise when excessive grease and heavy debris find their way into the wet well. These FOG materials build up on pumps, chains, floats, and sidewalls, and will clog or damage the pump impellers, making it difficult to move waste through the sewer line. When left untreated, grease will form a solid layer across the top of the well, which prevents the lift station from pumping any waste to the main sewer line.

The professional technicians at Drain King begin a through lift-station cleaning by liquefying any solid grease so it is easier to pump out. We then pump out the well using a sanitary vacuum truck, and all of the floats, impellers, and well walls are pressure-washed and thoroughly cleaned. Any solid debris left on the bottom of the tank is removed. Then, we test the entire system to ensure each part is in good working condition. Because a wet well is considered a confined space, special labor-safety regulations are in place to make entry as safe as possible. Drain King’s technicians have received extensive instruction in confined-space protocols. We are a safe, reliable choice for all of your piping, sewer or septic needs in Minneapolis, St Paul and Bloomington MN. Please contact us at 763-786-3000. We can answer any questions you have.