We recycle restaurant cooking grease and oil!

The grease collected in grease traps, which is generated by most food service establishments, derives from fats, oils, and grease in food products. This type if grease should not be sent to landfills and should be recycled. Restaurant waste grease can also cause sewage overflows costing your company time and money.  Restaurant oil and grease recycling is now becoming common and provides restaurant owners a way to dispose of their used cooking grease in a way that is beneficial to the environment.  Restaurant oil and grease pickup services like those offered by Drain King Inc. provides a simple way to get take used cooking oil recycled into a number useful products from animal feed to biofuels.

There are many companies offering restaurant oil and grease recycling. What sets Drain King apart, more than anything, is that we have been offering comprehensive grease trap cleanout, drain cleaning, and cooking oil recycling services to restaurants and food service companies for many years.  Our experience sets us apart from the competition.  Drain King Inc offers the following services:

Service Drain & Sewer Problems

  • Commercial lift stations, grease traps, inflammable waste traps and Residential Pumping septic tanks
  • Storm sewer jetting and pumping, camera video up to 1000 ft (1″ to 36″ lines in diameter)
  • Televising & Locating Sources
  • Verifying & Locating Breaks
  • Diagnostics & Details of Problem
  • Composite & Size of Line
  • Find Pre-existing Lines for Remodel Jobs
  • Water Jetting (1-36″ line)
  • Line Thawing
  • Optional Video Recording
  • Effective Grease Control
  • Lift Station Cleaning

Long before the trend to be “green”, Drain King Inc. was already taking restaurant and other waste and reusing it in ways friendly to the environment.

Restaurant oil and grease recycling is a win win. Your restaurant or food service company wins because you dispose of your used cooking oil in a way which complies with local, state, and federal regulations and municipal codes. The environment wins because the cooking oil gets recycled into other useful products.

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