Drain King, Inc. Success Stories

We love a challenge… Here are just a few of the highlights of the challenges we have overcome for commercial drain cleaning, septic services and more. Please let us know how we can help you!

BANK SKYSCRAPER READY TO CLOSE! – One of the largest regional banks in downtown Minneapolis was about to send thousands of employees home for the day because another drain cleaning company gave up on skyscraper’s plugged main line. With sewage backing up in the skyscraper’s lowest level they called Drain King, Inc at 10:15am. Drain King, Inc. told them to keep everybody at work; that they would be there shortly. By 11am Drain King Inc. had the drain open and the building was able to stay in business for the day. Drain King, Inc. now performs quarterly maintenance for this skyscraper; they have experienced no main line backups since that time.

SCHOOL READY TO CLOSE! – One of the states largest independent school districts was about to close an elementary school for the next day because a sewer line had frozen and burst below their parking lot leaving the kitchen with no operating drains. Drain King, Inc. started digging at 5pm, had the line repaired by midnight, and had the parking lot ready to be driven on by 8am.

HOMEOWNER SAVES $25,000! – A north suburban city worker advised an elderly woman who called about a sewer line replacement. She needed to take out a loan against her house to pay the $25,000 for her sewer line to be replaced after another drain cleaning company attempted to clean her line. She wanted to know how much more the permit would cost so she could get it all in one loan. The worker advised her to call Drain King, Inc. Drain King, Inc. cleaned the drain for less than $200. The city then televised the line and showed the woman the line was in “NEAR PERFECT” condition. Drain King, Inc. now does annual maintenance to keep her line trouble free.


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