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Ice dams in Minnesota

Ice dams can be a major issue for residences and commercial property’s of MN. Ice dams are typically found on pitched roofs where heat from the building causes snow to melt and refreeze. They can also occur on flat roof buildings where roof overflow drains discharge water off the side of the building. Once ice dams form, water pools […]

Ice Dam

Plugged Storm Drain

              A plugged storm drain can cause major issues for businesses, residential and industrial areas. Most plugged storm drains aren’t noticed until your building is flooding and its too late. preventing a plugged storm drain is easy. Remove built up debris before a plugged storm drain occurs! What Are Storm Drains? A storm drain is a drain […]

Plugged storm drain

Restaurant Grease Do’s and Don’ts.

  “Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting the results to be different.”, is a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein.  I recently had a restaurant owner angry with me at the cost of clearing his main line of restaurant grease.  The process took 4 hours and required a 4,000psi jetter […]

Restaurant Fryers

Drain Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul

Drain King Inc. has proudly served the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro and surrounding areas drain cleaning needs for the past 25 years. Drain King Inc. uses the most advanced technology to determine the problem and solve it quickly and cost effectively. We offer both residential and commercial drain cleaning services. Our commercial drain cleaning services […]

grease trap lid

Water jet roots from your Main Drain?

No; is the answer for the vast majority of home owners.  There are several reasons not to water jet, but first I’d like to warn you about a trend in Drain Cleaning of Main Drains that is happening in the Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as surrounding communities like Fridley, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn […]


Brown Grease vs. Yellow Grease

Commercial kitchens produce a large amount of grease and fats that need to be disposed of regularly to maintain functionality and environmental regulations.  Restaurants use grease traps or inflammable waste traps to collect these FOG (fat, oil, grease) materials, which prevents them from congealing in pipes and causing the sewer system to overflow.  The grease […]

Grease Trap cleaning

Water Jetting (1″-36″ line)

Water jetting—also known as hydro jetting—is an easy, efficient, and economical way to clear water and sewer lines of foreign objects that obstruct or impede the pipes. A special high-powered nozzle is attached to a flexible hose and fed into the sewer system. The nozzle blasts a concentrated stream of water through whatever is clogging […]


Professional Video Recordings of Your Pipes

Clogged drains, pipes, or sewers can be caused by a number of factors. These can include excess debris, overgrown roots, waste blockage, sediment build-up, or grease clogs, to name a few. In order to effectively clear a clogged drain/pipe/sewer, sometimes our professionals need to have a good idea of the cause of blockage this helps […]

Drain Video Player