One of the smallest areas of your home has been found to be the most dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 235,000 people visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom—from slippery surfaces in the bath and shower to falling in and around the toilet. This room should be examined and, if needed, retrofitted so no one gets hurt.

The CDC found that almost 33,000 people over the age of 14 go to the hospital after sustaining injuries while using the toilet. Not too surprisingly, people age 85 or over are particularly prone to injury this way, due to falls and the lack of a safety grab bar at the toilet. In fact, 81 percent of all injuries in the bathroom are due to falls. This calls for the need for homeowners to consider preventive equipment.

You can improve your bathroom’s safety. Use nonslip strips or mats in the bathtub and shower. Equip your tub or bath with a safety bar to hold while getting in and out. Install a grab bar or holding rail by the toilet for those who need assistance getting up and down from the seat. Consider getting rid of bath mats that can trip you or those that are placed in your walking path. Bathrooms are usually poorly lit; consider installing a light that comes on automatically when the illumination level in the bathroom drops.

While the elderly are more prone to bathroom accidents, all age groups visit the emergency room for accidents related to one of the smallest areas of the home, the bathroom.