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Plugged Storm Drain

              A plugged storm drain can cause major issues for businesses, residential and industrial areas. Most plugged storm drains aren’t noticed until your building is flooding and its too late. preventing a plugged storm drain is easy. Remove built up debris before a plugged storm drain occurs! What Are Storm Drains? A storm drain is a drain […]

Plugged storm drain

Grease Trap Cleaning

A grease trap (also known as a grease interceptor or grease recovery device) is a tank designed to separate FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease). Fats, oils and grease originate from kitchen sinks and floor drains that are connected on the grease line. Dish washing, hood cleaning and floor scrubbing are all avenues for grease to […]

Grease Trap cleaning

Parking Ramp Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning For Your Ramp

Parking Ramp Drain Cleaning Winters in Minnesota can be downright brutal. Cold temps and heavy snowfall lead to slippery roads and treacherous driving conditions. To combat these conditions the Department of Transportation and other municipalities spread large amounts of salt and sand on Minnesota roadways. When driving in such conditions, vehicles accumulate large amounts of wet […]

Water Jetting Tool Parking Ramp Drain Cleaning

Water jet roots from your Main Drain?

No; is the answer for the vast majority of home owners.  There are several reasons not to water jet, but first I’d like to warn you about a trend in Drain Cleaning of Main Drains that is happening in the Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as surrounding communities like Fridley, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn […]


What is your Carbon Footprint?

We, as residents of Earth, all have a carbon footprint. There is always a byproduct, a sweet little something left behind from everything we do. Not so sweet is the lack of knowledge available to the general public about the impact every person has on what happens to our environment, the sizable prints left by […]


How Do You Perform Floor Drain Maintenance?

Have you ever walked into a public restroom or a restroom in an office building and been hit with a strong, unpleasant odor? This may be the result of a dirty or clogged floor drain. Floor drains are found in many places like commercial restrooms and industrial spaces, near and around water heaters, in basements, […]

Floor Drain

What’s Involved With Professional Drain Cleaning?

Have you walked through your home and counted the number of drains you actually have? Probably not. So until there is a problem, most people do not think about their pipes or what is done to clean them after something goes wrong. It takes the right skill and proper equipment to do an effective, long-lasting, […]

Clogged Drain

Commercial Sewer Systems

At Drain King, we provide several services to assist customers and companies with sewer system repair and maintenance. But what is a commercial sewer system and how does it work? A sewer system is comprised of a centralized network of pipes that collect both wastewater and stormwater from multiple sources and transports it to a […]

Commercial Restroom