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Parking Ramp Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning For Your Ramp

Parking Ramp Drain Cleaning Winters in Minnesota can be downright brutal. Cold temps and heavy snowfall lead to slippery roads and treacherous driving conditions. To combat these conditions the Department of Transportation and other municipalities spread large amounts of salt and sand on Minnesota roadways. When driving in such conditions, vehicles accumulate large amounts of wet […]

Water Jetting Tool Parking Ramp Drain Cleaning

Purchasing a Home? Main sewer line televising camera is highly recomended.

Purchase home main sewer line televising.   You are probably getting a home inspection.  The inspector looks at many things then gives you a report on his/her opinion of the health of your perspective home.  Some home inspectors offer an add-on service of main sewer line inspection.  The customer can also contract this service directly.  Drain […]


Restaurant Grease Do’s and Don’ts.

  “Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting the results to be different.”, is a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein.  I recently had a restaurant owner angry with me at the cost of clearing his main line of restaurant grease.  The process took 4 hours and required a 4,000psi jetter […]

Restaurant Fryers

Drain Cleaning Minneapolis, St. Paul

Drain King Inc. has proudly served the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro and surrounding areas drain cleaning needs for the past 25 years. Drain King Inc. uses the most advanced technology to determine the problem and solve it quickly and cost effectively. We offer both residential and commercial drain cleaning services. Our commercial drain cleaning services […]

grease trap lid

Water jet roots from your Main Drain?

No; is the answer for the vast majority of home owners.  There are several reasons not to water jet, but first I’d like to warn you about a trend in Drain Cleaning of Main Drains that is happening in the Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as surrounding communities like Fridley, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn […]


How to Increase Water Pressure to Your Home?

When battling low water pressure, replacing the piping is not always a practical solution. In fact, this can be costly and unnecessary. There are a number of factors that can affect your home’s water flow, so if something doesn’t seem right, check the four main causes of low water pressure before opting to re-pipe your […]

Water Pressure is Important

Grease Recycling

As our society becomes increasingly aware of the consequences of our daily actions and choices, more companies are finding ways to combat problems that have been wreaking havoc on the environment. The large and ever-increasing number of people alive today is reason enough to shift our thinking into conservation mode; striving to find ways to […]

Grease Traps

What is your Carbon Footprint?

We, as residents of Earth, all have a carbon footprint. There is always a byproduct, a sweet little something left behind from everything we do. Not so sweet is the lack of knowledge available to the general public about the impact every person has on what happens to our environment, the sizable prints left by […]


Differences Between Hard Water and Soft Water

Have you heard the terms “hard water” and “soft water” and wondered what they meant? Have you heard people debate the merits of each? Perhaps you’ve experienced both types and prefer one over the other, but you’re not sure why. This article will answer all of those questions and give you the information you need […]

Hard Water Cavern

Why is the Bathroom the Most Dangerous Room in the Home?

One of the smallest areas of your home has been found to be the most dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 235,000 people visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom—from slippery surfaces in the bath and shower to falling in and around the toilet. This room […]