Purchase home main sewer line televising. You are getting a home inspection. The inspector looks at many things then gives you a report on his/her opinion of the health of your perspective home. Some home inspectors offer an add-on service of main sewer line inspection. The customer can also contract this service directly. Drain King, Inc. https://drainkinginc.com/ provides this service and many others. Your sewer line can be a source of massive problems and can be a reason inscrutable homeowners sell a home. Someone else must pay for the problem. I’ve seen it happen. Sewer line repairs are at least $5,000 and can exceed $30,000. There is no reason to be victimized. In some situations, nobody knows there is a problem.

An Example of a failure.

In one case, a business purchased a multi-million dollar building and 2 years later paid $15,000 to figure out where their sewer line has structures installed so it could be cleaned regularly. I was part of a telephone negotiation between several parties deciding who was at fault. My response to the building owner was, “people buy a $200,000 home and pay $200 to have their sewer line inspected. You bought a seven million dollar building and didn’t even consider having the sewer line located and inspected”. That sewer line was over seven hundred feet long.

The sewer line in your perspective home is less than one hundred feet. If your home is further than fifty feet from the city street, it is extremely important to know where the sewer line is going.  You need to know its condition and where additional clean outs are in case, there is a problem. You should also mark outside clean outs since you may have to find them under two feet of snow.