Clogged Drain

Have you walked through your home and counted the number of drains you actually have? Probably not. So until there is a problem, most people do not think about their pipes or what is done to clean them after something goes wrong.

It takes the right skill and proper equipment to do an effective, long-lasting, and thorough drain-cleaning job. Some companies focus on a “punch-and-run” approach, in which they simply make a hole in a clog rather than clean out and flush the pipe. At Drain King, we focus on doing the job right. To us, the punch-and-run approach is only putting a Band-Aid on a problem that will return sooner than necessary. To properly clean drains, you need the right diagnoses of the problem, the proper equipment, the correct size cleaning-head attachment, and a professional who will take the proper time to make sure the drain is fully cleaned.

There is a difference between just unclogging a drain and cleaning a drain line. A good drain-cleaning professional will have a clear understanding of this and likely know the cause of any clog. If you look around your house, you’ll find a variety of different drains that need to be kept clean so they work properly. Kitchen drains, shower and bath drains, bathroom sink drains, toilet drains, and floor drains all lead to the main sewer-line drain connecting your home to the city system or your septic tank. Done correctly, a professional drain cleaning will ensure the entire system is running properly.