Drain King Inc Water Jetting TruckWater jetting—also known as hydro jetting—is an easy, efficient, and economical way to clear water and sewer lines of foreign objects that obstruct or impede the pipes. A special high-powered nozzle is attached to a flexible hose and fed into the sewer system. The nozzle blasts a concentrated stream of water through whatever is clogging the line. If you can envision the force and volume emitted by a fire hose, you have an idea of how effective water jetting can be.

Over time, sewer lines become contaminated with particles that stick to the edge of the pipe and impede water flow. Some of the most common culprits are FOG (fat, oil, and grease); ice, mud or sand; tree roots; mineral deposits; and items improperly disposed of in the toilet. Sometimes these deposits congest the pipes so badly, the wastewater has nowhere to flow but back from whence it came, so it is necessary to clean the pipes. This can be done with a cable machine, which can bore a hole through hair, sludge and tree roots, but is less effective at clearing debris than high-pressure water jetting. For this reason, water jetting has become Drain King’s and its clients’ preferred method of sewer-line cleaning.

The technique is simple:  We bring our pressure unit to your site, attach the appropriate water nozzle to our hose, send it through the drain or sewer line, and blast those clogs into oblivion at a rate of 4000 psi (pounds per square inch). We can hydro-jet any pipe from 1 inch to 36 inches in diameter, clearing hundreds of feet of clogged pipe with one treatment. The force of the water is strong enough to pulverize tree roots. This type of cleaning is so thorough, the full diameter of the pipe is cleared of deposits, producing a “like new” condition in the sewer lines. Even the toughest buildup can’t withstand the water-jetting process. And because regular water is used, the procedure is safe for the environment.

Restaurants, hotels, and other commercial businesses who have to fight FOG and soap-scum accumulation will find our water-jetting services especially helpful. Let Drain King flush away your most stubborn residue buildup and say goodbye to clogged drains.