Water Pressure is Important

Water Pressure is Important

When battling low water pressure, replacing the piping is not always a practical solution. In fact, this can be costly and unnecessary. There are a number of factors that can affect your home’s water flow, so if something doesn’t seem right, check the four main causes of low water pressure before opting to re-pipe your home or make additional adjustments.

Causes of low water pressure can stem from the main shutoff valve, your water meter, your pressure regulator, or damaged washers and fixtures.

While issues outside your home are likely to cause a change in water pressure within, if only one or a few of your faucets is experiencing difficulty, this generally indicates the need to replace washers or fixtures inside your home. The first step in checking your faucets is to turn on your outside spigot. If the water pressure outside is normal, begin systematically checking each faucet in your home, making sure to include showerheads and bath faucets. Take note of each faucet that generates low water pressure. The washers and fixtures in need of replacement will be at the points of variation in pressure. To easily pinpoint these areas and save time and frustration, contact one of Drain King’s professionals.

If your outside spigot is also experiencing low water pressure, examine your water meter. While it is generally assumed the water meter is functioning at full capacity, this simple error is an easy fix and should not be overlooked. Next, check the main shutoff valve located near the street. Incidents such as water main breaks may require the water to be shut off, then slowly allowed back into the pipes. In many cases, the valve is not fully reopened, which leads to a lower flow of water to your home.

If all of your faucets are experiencing low water pressure, your water meter is fully operating, and the main valve is turned all the way on, your pressure regulator may be to blame. A pressure regulator works exactly as the name implies—it reduces the pressure of the water coming from your town’s main water system to a safe pressure for your home. Pressure buildup can blow out pipes, faucets, and fixtures. If this occurs, repairs to the damaged piping elements will be necessary.

If the problem persists, it may be time to consult Drain King about re-piping your home. Sediment, dirt or years of buildup can obstruct the flow of water and create low water pressure in your home. While this is a costly project, it is well worth the expense. After all, who enjoys showers under lightly sprinkling water?