Clear Your Frozen Sewer and Drain Pipes

You may be asking yourself about, “How to thaw a frozen drain pipe?” Drain King Inc, demonstrates how to use a high pressure hot water jetting unit to clear out a frozen sewer or water line. We can clear out frozen water lines and frozen sanitary lines, frozen storm drains, frozen parking lot drains and even frozen commercial roof drains from 1″ in diameter all the way up to 36″ in diameter.
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How to Thaw a Frozen Drain Pipe

In this video:
00:01 How to thaw frozen pipes underground
00:13 How to thaw a frozen drain pipe?
00:19 Clear any frozen sewer line from 1 inch in diameter to 36 inches in diameter
01:02 hot water jetting unit
01:08 clearing out the frozen sewer line
01:24 hot water jetting units
01:25 clear frozen water supply lines
01:29 clear frozen sanitary lines
01:30 clear frozen storm drains
01:31 clear frozen parking lot drains
01:33 clear frozen commercial roof drains
01:39 clear your frozen sewer and drain pipes


How To Thaw Frozen Pipes Underground – Minneapolis

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