Ice in the Winter

Due to good old Minnesota winters,  many residents in Minneapolis and St. Paul experience frozen water lines.  The Cities of Minneapolis,  St. Paul, Appleton, Afton, Hopkins, and many others communities in the area have been alerting residents in an effort on how to keep water pipes from freezing.

Thawing frozen water lines and can be expensive and you will want to use a professional to get the water flowing again.  The trained staff at can get the job done quickly and inexpensively.

Large numbers of water lines have frozen in the past few weeks and with temperatures unusually cold there will be many more homes with frozen pipes.

If your home tends to use water less frequently you will have a much higher chance of frozen pipes this winter.   To avoid having ice in your pipes, you should consider letting cold water run from one faucet 24 hours a day.  You only need to have a trickle. (about the thickness of a pen). Your water bill may go up a little bit, but this will be far less expensive than having to get your water lines repaired or thawed.

If you have water that is discolored, this is a warning sign that you may be about to have frozen pipes. Turn a facet on immediately and leave it running until warmer weather arrives.

If you find yourself with frozen water lines you can contact the professionals at or call 763-786-3000.