Verifying & Locating Sewer Line Breaks

A sewer or drain line break can be stressful for any homeowner or business owner. The most common sign of a water line leak or drain break is when you can physically see water coming up in the street, on your sidewalk or coming in through your walls. If you see water coming up in-front of your home, it does not necessarily mean that the leak is coming from you water line. Water travels and seeks the weakest point in the ground as its source to rise to the surface. It is common for a water main leak to travel 10-20’ from the actual source of the leak.

A sewer line break or back-up at your home or business can quickly lead to costly damage and repairs. You won’t be able to identify where the break or blockage has occurred until you call a contractor to evaluate the underground problem.

A Quick Diagnosis

With today’s technology the guess work has been removed. Our Drain King technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to locate and inspect sewer, drain and water lines without having to dig. We use tiny cameras to give detailed information about the condition of sewer pipes and where an obstacle is located. We can also map the location of your drain system and water lines to prevent accidental damage when digging for landscape or construction purposes.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Televising services: Our high-tech miniature cameras are mounted to the end of a fiber-optic cable, which is then pushed into a sewer pipe. The camera is controlled by a certified Drain King employee, who can change its speed, direction, and angle of inspection. A digital recording is made of the cameras progression through the sewer pipes which shows our expert what sort of impediment is interfering with the sewer line. We can detect roots or a buildup of food or kitchen grease, a foreign object that has been flushed down the toilet, and check for natural deterioration of the sewer and water lines. The obstacle can be removed or the sewer line can be repaired at the exact spot it is impaired, without having to dig up large areas of your lawn.

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