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Locating A Sewer Line Break  

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The most common sign of a water line leak or drain break is when you can physically see water coming up in the street, on your sidewalk, or coming in through your walls. If you see water coming up in-front of your home, it does not mean that the leak is coming from your water line. Water travels and seeks the weakest point in the ground as its source to rise to the surface.

It is common for a water main leak to travel 10’-20’ from the actual source of the leak. With high-tech miniature cameras mounted to the end of a fiber-optic cable, we then push it into a sewer pipe. The camera control powered by a certified Drain King employee, who controls its speed, direction, and angle of inspection.

We make a digital recording of the camera’s progression through the sewer pipes and shows our expert what sort of impediment is interfering with the sewer line. We can detect roots, food buildup, kitchen grease, or any other foreign object that has been flushed down the toilet. We’ll check for natural deterioration of the sewer and water lines. We’ll work to remove the obstruction, or we can repair the sewer line at the exact spot it is impaired, without having to dig up sizeable areas of your lawn.

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Our Drain Services

Toilets & Faucets

Your drain specialists will determine whether the problem is with the sewer or septic system. 

Then they will find the location of the trouble and whether inside or outside the buildings. Plan out a solutions and fix the situation.

Line Thawing

Our climate lends itself to frozen pipes our team knows how to deal with these and can safetly thaw to allow flow to return.

Our team will find a solution to power through the ice in your pipes.

Drain Cleaning

Modern composite pipes are designed to satisfy all requirements for sewer and septics systems.

Our drain service will work with your complete system to ensure your pipes flow free.

Grease Recycling

Our grease recycling will turn your waste into reusable resource. We will pick up.

This will ensure a quick process for you with no stinky grease accomulating in an unsightly area.

Sewer and Septic Repair

Sewer systems are a huge expense our regular service to your sewer lines can prevent major repairs.

Our technicians can proform about any type of service on your sewer or septic system.

Lift Stations

No matter the size of your lift station, our team is able to handle the maintenance needs.

Technicians are trained about all the needs of a lift station and are experienced in spotting problem areas before they become expensive replacement issues.

Location Service Articles

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Water jet roots from your Main Drain?

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