Water jetting is a process for cleaning the drain and sewer pipes that utilizes large volumes of water under very high pressure against the walls of the drain and sewer lines. This is different from the mechanical rodding approach where a hole was cut into the blockage releasing the backup but not getting all the debris from the pipe that would continue to restrict the flow levels.

A Quick Diagnosis

With storm sewer jetting and pumping, a Drain King technician will first use a state-of-the-art camera to examine the inside of your pipes and identify where any blockages may be occurring. The camera can feed up to 1000′ in 1” to 36” lines in diameter. This technology allows our technicians to show you what the problem is and explain what needs to be done to fix it.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Water is pumped through a high-PSI hose with heavy-duty tips attached. The truck pumps a gallon of water through the pipes per minute at a tremendous pressure to clean and unclog the drain or sewer system.

Our technicians at Drain King can use water jetting on sewer lines, septic lines, storm drains, drain fields, and pretty much any line that may be blocked. This system is also very useful for restaurants and grease traps. Jetting will cut through grease, roots, and sand to clean and unclog a drain or sewer. Jetting helps keep the lines clean and extends the life of the pipes by preventing buildup, which causes corrosion and breaks. This system also helps property owners avoid the need to have lines excavated and pumped out or replaced due to breakage.

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